The Gospel of Joshua

Twenty-four letters to the remnant people of the Church of Moroni:

Part 1

The first twelve letters of the Gospel of Joshua:

Gospel of Joshua, letters 1-12 (pdf file)

Part 2

Gospel of Joshua, letters 13-15

Part 2 includes the Omega Charter part II at the end of the 14th letter, pages 137 to 142.
For part I of the Omega Charter please go to the link in the Capstone from the home page.

Part 3

Gospel of Joshua, letters 16-24

Part 3 includes the Proclamation and the 164 Letter Name (at the end of the 16th letter).

Part 3 now includes the seventeenth letter, added 4-5, 2022.
After reading the 17th letter, please click on the following video
for a vocalization of the Bet Het Array: