Figurate Numbers Within the Light Superscripts (click for pdf file)

This article is part of a series of works related to the Tabernacle of the Testimony to be published in several stages. It includes sacred names, geometries, color schematics, heavenly constructs and higher Light codings of the work of creation, Ma'aseh Bereshith and the work of the holy Chariot Ma'aseh Merkavah. The document above references geometries shown in the Ten Light Superscripts of Drs. Hurtak (Academy For Future Science).

This series of articles related to the Tabernacle of the Testimony is a collaborative work by Steven Beard and Sherry Blythe, with editing by Bonnie Wagner (and support from the Charter members of the Academy of On).

An excerpt of the Tabernacle of the Testimony appears on page 7 of the article above. The entire Tabernacle of the Testimony document was placed on durable plates and positioned at a key grid location in Egypt. More information about this document and its relationship to the science of the many universes will be published in followup articles here as well as our sister site

New geometry sequences related to the Divine Table within the Tabernacle of the Testimony have been published on the On-line Encyclopedia for Integer Sequences (the "OEIS" founded by Dr. Niel Sloane). Special music tracks are being generated from this work, an example can be found at this link:

OEIS A274974 ("Centered octahemioctahedral numbers," scroll down on the OEIS page for the link to the music track)

It shall be established forever as the moon, and as a faithful witness in the skies. Selah. Ps. 89:37

Update 12-26, 2016:

The number sequence for the Sierpinski Octahedron (shown in p. 9 of the pdf. link at the top of the page) has been published in the OEIS database as A279512.

On 12-25, 2016 mathematical relationships regarding the 28 letters of Genesis 1:1, including connections to figurate numbers, were published in the OEIS, A280090.




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